dashahu (dashahu) wrote,

Poem Translation

Rachel Hultquist

Once, in a decade when everyone was a stranger,
A man and a girl traded cigarettes and chocolate.
She would come to him in the morning for a favor,
And he would give her what she wanted.

Smirking at her as she paid,
The little kiosk desolate and isolated,
Her face innocent and unafraid,
As she jets cigarette smoke into his face.

Nikolai would sit on beer boxes and dream,
How he would soon become a cop,
His loneliness ready to scream,
Attacking her to eradicate the distance.

And street lamps of Marlboro packs
And false bottles of vodka play brilliant light…
Nikolai doesn’t know that beyond the light, in the sack,
Was her mutilated body, untouched by him.
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