Barmaley Translation - Final
Small children!
Not for the world
Don't go to Africa,
For a walk in Africa!

In Africa there are sharks,
There are gorillas,
There are big
Evil crocodiles

They will bite you,
Beat and hurt you,
Don't go, children,
For a walk in Africa.

In Africa there is a robber,
In Africa there is a villain,
In Africa there is the dreadful

He runs through Africa
And eats children -
Nasty, no good, greedy Barmaley!

And papa and mama
Sit under the tree,
And papa and mama
To the children say:

"Africa is dreadful,
Africa is dangerous,
Do not go to Africa,
Children, never!"

But papa and mama asleep in the evening,
And Tanya and Vanya to Africa run, -
To Africa!
To Africa!

Along they stroll,
Picking figs and dates, -
What an Africa!
Behold this Africa!

They saddled a rhino,
And rode it a bit, -
What an Africa!
Behold this Africa!

With elephants on the move
They played leapfrog, -
What an Africa!
Behold this Africa!

The gorilla came out to them,
And to them spoke,
The gorilla spoke to them,
Repeatedly saying:

"The shark Karakula
Will open her cruel mouth.
Do not get in her shark maws
You do not want to be eaten."

"The shark Karakula
Is nothing to us
We will hit her with bricks,
We will hit her with fists,
We will crush her with our heels!"

They startled the shark
And she drowned in fear,
It serves you right, shark, it serves you right!

But behold on a huge swamp
Hippo walks and roars
And loudly and threateningly roars.

And Tanya and Vanya laugh,
And tickle the hippo's belly:
"But this belly,
What kind of belly is this?

The hippo could not stand such insults,
She fled behind the pyramids and roared,
Barmaley, Barmaley
With a loud voice she calls:

"Barmaley, Barmaley, Barmaley!
Come out, Barmaley, make haste!
These nasty children, Barmaley,
They're not sorry, Barmaley, not sorry!"

Tanya-Vanya trembled -
They noticed Barmaley.
He through Africa goes
To all Africa sings:

"I am bloodthirsty,
I am ruthless,
I am the evil crook Barmaley!
And I do not need
No marmalade,
No chocolate,
Only little
(Yes, very little!)

He sparkles his scary eyes.
He knocks his scary teeth,
He lights a scary fire,
He shouts his scary words:
"Karabas! Karabas!
I have lunch now!"

Children cry and sob,
They beg Barmaley:
"Dear, dear Barmaley,
Have mercy on us,
Let us makes haste
To our dear Mama!

We will never again
Run away from our Mama
And we will forever forget
Our strolls in Africa!

Dear, dear cannibal,
Have mercy on us,
We will give you candy,
Tea with biscuits!"

But the cannibal replied:

And Tanya said to Vanya:
"Look, in the airplane
Someone flies in the sky.
It's a doctor, it's a doctor,
Dear doctor Ibolit!"

Dear doctor Ibolit
To Tanya-Vanya runs,
Tanya-Vanya he hugs
And to the smiling villain Barmaley,
He says:

"But, please, my dear,
My dear Barmaley,
Loose, release
These little children!"

But the villain seizes Ibolit
And throws him in the fire.
And lights it, and Ibolit shouts:
"Ow, it hurts! Ow, it hurts! Ow, it hurts!"

And the poor children under the palm tree lay,
And look at Barmaley,
And cry, and cry, and cry!

But behold from the Nile
Gorilla comes,
Gorilla comes,
Crocodile leads!

Dear doctor Ibolit
To the crocodile says:
"But, please, would you
Swallow Barmaley,
So that greedy Barmaley
Won't grab,
Won't swallow
These little children!"

The crocodile
And swallowed
The villain Barmaley,
Like a fly!

Happy, happy, happy, happy kids,
Danced, played around the campfire:
"You saved us,
You saved us,
Saved from death,
You freed us.
You and good luck
Saw us,
Oh dear

But in the stomach of the crocodile
Dark, and close, and sad,
And in the stomach of the crocodile
Sobs, cries Barmaley:
"Oh, I will be kinder,
I will fall in love with the children!
Do not ruin me!
Spare me!
Oh, I will, I will, I will be kinder!"

The children regretted Barmaley,
The children said to the crocodile:
"If he really is kinder,
Let him go, please, back!
We will take him with us,
Take him to distant Leningrad!"

Dancing, dancing Barmaley, Barmaley!
"I will, I will be kinder, yes, kinder!
I will bake for the children, for the children
Pies and pretzels, pretzels!

To the bazaars, to the bazaars I will, I will go!
I will give, I will give pies to distribute,
Pretzels, rolls entertain kids.

And for Vanya
And for Tanya
I will give
Mint gingerbread!
Mint gingerbread,
Surprisingly nice,
Come, get,
Do not pay a penny,
Because Barmaley
Loves little children,
Loves, loves, loves, loves,
Loves little children!"

Poem Translation
Rachel Hultquist

Once, in a decade when everyone was a stranger,
A man and a girl traded cigarettes and chocolate.
She would come to him in the morning for a favor,
And he would give her what she wanted.

Smirking at her as she paid,
The little kiosk desolate and isolated,
Her face innocent and unafraid,
As she jets cigarette smoke into his face.

Nikolai would sit on beer boxes and dream,
How he would soon become a cop,
His loneliness ready to scream,
Attacking her to eradicate the distance.

And street lamps of Marlboro packs
And false bottles of vodka play brilliant light…
Nikolai doesn’t know that beyond the light, in the sack,
Was her mutilated body, untouched by him.


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